Hello friends!

Oh my gosh, where do I begin. SO excited to launch this brand new website. I am loving the minimalist look but the ONE thing I am not loving is starting this blog completely over. Soooo I’ll be adding some blogs back on to refresh the page.

Welcome 2019 brides! This year is going to be an AMAZING one. Some new friends as well as referrals from our past brides!

2017 and 2018 were a little rough as some of you know. I took some time off and booked a limited number of weddings because I had a baby in December of 2017! Her name is Sloane and she was EVERYTHING I really never knew could be so awesome in life. But it was definitely not easy and it was not cute. I have so much respect for mothers but wow I am so ready to get back to work and to launch lots and lots and LOTS of new things and stuff. =)

In the mean time, here’s a photo of my little family taken by Jesse Salter.